Riders Up Farm, LLC

Tailored Horse Boarding

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Veterinary and Farrier Handling

Spring and fall vaccination, routine worming and routine farrier services are scheduled by the farm.  Nolensville Veterinary Hospital serves the farm with state of the art facilities including one of the few equine surgical facilities in the area. Transport services to and from the clinic are also available for health services requiring hospitalization. Two farriers currently provide services here. Owners are encouraged to be present when their horse is being shod but we are available to handle these for you. If your horse must be hand held during shoeing you should be present to assist the farrier.  We can provide this service at an additional charge if you are not available.

Additional Services

  • De-worming
  • Handling for farrier/vet
  • Hauling
  • Grooming (charged on an occurrence basis each month per your instructions)
  • Hoof care (picking and dressing)
  • Bathing (therapeutic as well as routine)
  • Body clipping
  • Lay up
  • Rehabilitation
  • Wound care and treatment
  • Blanket cleaning and repair
  • Individual supplements
  • Tick protection