Riders Up Farm, LLC

Tailored Horse Boarding

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 Stall Boarding 

Horses are maintained in a 12’ x 12’ matted stalls and fed grain twice daily, up to 6 lbs per day and generous amounts of our own high quality hay.  Our hay is tested annually for nutritional content.  We provide generous quantities because we grow our own hay. Stalls are cleaned daily, down to the mats, and freshened with bagged, dust screened pine shavings so as to provide a comfortable bedding layer.  Daily turnout is scheduled based on the time of year - outside hours are longer in the cool months and if requested, only night turnout in the hot months of the year.  Hay is provided in turnout during the winter months when grass growth slows.  All the horses  have access to automatic waterers during turnout.   A partial list of additional services may be seen on the services page and are available at a nominal additional cost. 


We appreciate that horses are not the same and so we maintain a large variety of feeds.  We will accommodate your horse's eating requirements to the best of our ability.  We are a care facility and go above and beyond most stables to make sure your animal is properly fed.  All feeds are measured out by weight.  Each animal's weekly food (am and pm) are made up for the week, and labeled, so there are no mistakes at feeding time.  Our hay supply is generous as are our hay portions. 

Daily Care

All horses at Riders Up Farm are seen by the barn staff daily and are observed for any irregularities such as cuts, lameness, skin rashes etc.   Minor issues are handled by the barn staff and any serious matters are immediately referred to the horse's owner and barn management. Prior to being put in the paddock, each horse's feet are picked.  Fly masks, turn out sheets, fly sheets, insect sprays and boots are put on as per the owner's request.