Riders Up Farm, LLC

Tailored Horse Boarding

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Don Carniato, Owner

Riders Up Farm is owned by Don Carniato, an avid horse-lover his whole life.  Don has owned two former racing thoroughbreds and has trained both of them to forget the track and become pleasure horses.  Don previously supervised a horse co-op of over 17 horses and has managed his own barn for more than ten years.  Riders Up Farm brings his life's dream of a quality boarding facility to fruition.  His philosophy is simple - your horse deserves the best care at all times in exchange for the love and enjoyment they bring to you.

All horses at Riders Up Farm are treated as Don's own.  Every animal will get daily checks for anything out of the ordinary in addition to the best feed, hay and shavings for their comfort.  As the on-site owner, night checks will assure everyone that their horse is being monitored so everyone can sleep at night.

Don's wife, Gail Goodman, is also a dressage and trail rider and provides treats and hugs as needed to all boarders - both human and equine!